Agency services

The «Donation Jacques Henri Lartigue» is the sole administrator of property rights and it thus insures the influence of Lartigue’s work throughout the world by doing the following :

• putting together and hiring out “ready-to-install” exhibitions

preserving and keeping an inventory of the collection in terms of conservation, restoration and archiving

selling collector prints, through sponsor galleries located abroad

Signed collector’s prints
The Donation also sells collector’s prints made on baryta paper signed by the artist before 1986. The margin bears a stamp with the artist’s initials (JHL). These prints are available in limited quantities in the formats 30×40 cm and 50×60 cm. Prices range from 6,000 euros to 12,000 ex. VAT.

Unsigned collector’s prints
The Donation Jacques Henri Lartigue sells collector’s prints on baryta paper made from Lartigue’s negatives. Each print is authenticated by a stamp on the back and a dry stamp (Donation J.H. Lartigue) in the margin. These exclusive prestige prints, which are numbered but not limited, are made on request. They are available in four formats: 24×30 cm, 30×40 cm, 40×50 cm and 50×60 cm. Prices range from 1,100 euros to 2,100 euros ex. VAT.

Unsigned collector’s prints, platinum process printing
Ever since 2003, the Donation has been working closely with the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London, producing 22 iconic prints of Lartigue’s work using the platinum printing process. Print production is limited to 35 copies. Each print is certified by two dry rubber stamps, one from the « Donation JH Lartigue » and another from the printing studio « 31 Studio ». All copies are printed on Arches Aquarelle paper in 49×38 cm. Sizes may vary depending on the original negative. Prices range from 2,500 euros to 4,600 euros not including tax.

Collector’s words

There is no sales catalogue, but the Donation’s published books can be used for reference.