Jacques witnessed the test flights, the speed and distance records but also the accidents. He became an informed observer of this modern spectacle, and soon a specialist. He photographed, drew and described the exploits of each plane. And most of all, he came to know his new heroes, the "aviators." Gabriel Voisin, the pioneer. Raymond Saulnier, the inventor. Alberto Santos Dumont, who became a friend of the Lartigue family. Wilbur Wright, author of a legendary first flight. And also the Caudron brothers, the Farman brothers, Roland Garros, Hubert Latham, etc.

Between 1907 and 1914 Jacques Lartigue took hundreds of photos of this flying strip with its hangars, aircraft and curious onlookers. These were this young photographer's first published images.

Reference: Pierre Borhan & Martine d'Astier, Les Envols de Jacques Henri Lartigue, Paris: Editions Philippe Sers, 1989.

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