Photography exhibit in Antwerp, Belgium.

The Jacques Henri Lartigue Donation has always sold signed and unsigned collectors” prints, but The Photographer’s Gallery in London was the first location to do so abroad. Since then, others, such as the Michael Hoppen Gallery, also in London, and the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York City, have followed.


In 2011, the Donation began collaborating with the Fifty One Fine Art Photography gallery in Antwerp, Belgium. The gallery was founded in 2000 by Roger Szmulewicz and specializes in modern and contemporary photography. The exhibition “Water,” opening on January 27th, and presents works by Lartigue, Masao Yamamoto, Simon Chaput, Kate Schermerhorn and Martin Munkasci on the theme of water.


The following Lartigue photographs are presented in the exhibition:





Exposition présentée à partir du 27 janvier 2011

Fifty One Fine Art Photography

Zirkstraat 20

2000 Antwerp-Belgium

Tél. 32 (0)3 289 84 58