La Gacilly Photo Festival (France)


This photo festival has been held for the past 10 years. For this edition, Robert Delpire chose one of his personal favorites:

« …When it comes to Jacques Henri Lartigue, yes, it was love at first sight.

That’s exactly what it was. Love at first sight for a photographer of happiness. For Jacques, who lived life fully, who loved life fiercely and was forever grateful for it. Warmhearted, incredibly charming, talented in a field he mastered without ever having officially studied it, and in a way that suited him perfectly and accompanied him throughout his life in all types of situations.

So many pleasures I have learned thanks to him. From afternoons spent leafing through his amazing notebooks and albums, from his first exhibition at the Grand Palais in 1980. His enthusiasm, his love for the sea, for airplanes (and for women, too), for nature.

Now you too may be delighted by his work, thanks to Jacques Rocher and this festival, which Lartigue would have truly enjoyed.

Love at first sight. That’s what this is about. Because we loved him, just as he loved life itself.

Robert Delpire, 15 avril 2013






Exposition présentée du 31 mai au 30 septembre 2013

Festival Photo La Gacilly

Place de la Ferronnerie

56200 La Gacilly

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