Winter pictures

Thematic exhibition

Between 1913 and 1981 Jacques Henri Lartigue stayed in Saint-Moritz, Chamonix, and Megève a dozen or so times. The world of alpine sports had a formative influence on his vision. The skis, sleds, skates, curling, bobsleighs and even propeller-driven sleds flew past and provided a perfect pretext for his visual apology for movement. Even if snow also brought more intimate, contemplative moments.




133 modern prints / 126 frames



7 wooden crates
1 crate : 136x108x44 cm
1 crate : 83x75x60 cm
1 crate : 83x83x62 cm
1 crate : 87x73x57 cm
1 crate : 92x73x52 cm
1 crate : 95x73x57 cm
1 crate : 96x93x66 cm
Weight 620 Kg
Volume 3,5 m3



Winter pictures
Editions Flammarion, Paris 2002
230×275 mm – 144 pages
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