Lartigue in Germany

From a very young age, Lartigue was conscience that happiness was ephemeral, that he wanted to preserve those miraculous, fleeting moments of joy. « It is not that I want to capture ideas but rather the scent of my own happiness ! I have been overtaken head on by an indefinable impulse… »


Jacques Henri Lartigue’s photographs can be defined as a meticulous record of his everyday life: beach scenes, racing cars, portraits of friends, celebrities, women, sporting events, elegant soirées… At the Clair Gallery in Munich from February 25 to April 6, 2016, the exhibition Créateur de bonheurs (Creator of happiness) brings together some fifty images in black and white or color, from all periods of his life. The show also includes a rare selection of vintage prints signed by the artist – a Peter Pan who remained curious about and amazed by life until his death at the age of 92. “Jacques Henri Lartigue’s work is eternal because he embraced those moments of joy that transcend time,” says Anna-Patricia Kahn, director of the CLAIR Gallery, which was founded in 2008 and specializes in photography. “It is easy to lose yourself in his photography, to become immersed in his sublime vision of life that eclipses time and place.”











Lartigue, Das Leben ist bunt, the German version of the catalogue Lartigue, la vie en couleurs (Seuil, 2015), or Lartigue, Life in Color (Abrams, NY) has also just been released by Schimer Mosel Verlag, Munich.





Exposition présentée du 25 février au 6 avril 2016

Galerie Clair


Franz-Joseph-Straße 10

80801 München

+49 89 38667442