Lartigue, Doisneau, and their portrayals of horses

From July 9 to 27 September, on the occasion of the 2016 Impressionist Festival in Normandy, the Haras natiinal du Pin – the first royal stables built between 1715 and 1730, in the Orne in Normandy, nicknamed “Versailles for horses” – presents the exhibition « Doisneau, Lartigue, un autre portrait du cheval (another portrait of horses). »

In the exhibition space above stable number 1, one can see images that differ from traditional equestrian portraits. Jacques Henri Lartigue, as of the early twentieth century,  would show the daily livzs of horses in the city or in the countryside, revealing elegant figures walking their horses in the Bois de Boulogne or the first steps of « skijoring » St. -Moritz; Robert Doisneau, for his part, would go down into the mines to make photographs, or capture a single cart on empty Champs-Elysees after the Paris Libération, or the life at the Vincennes and Maisons-Laffitte racetracks in the 50s …

This exhibition of 45 prints by the two artists, curated by Meneux Muriel, was organized in collaboration with the Atelier Robert Doisneau and the Donation Jacques Henri Lartigue.