The belle époque

The Trévarez estate was built at the end of the nineteenth century by James de Kejégu, a rich heir of Breton nobility. This fascinating Neogothic-style château is surrounded by sumptuous botanical gardens in which numerous events take place all year. Paths meander through hundred-year old rhododendrons and camelias for visitors to behold.


After last year’s exhibit in Gacilly, Lartigue is back in Brittany. His large-format photographs are displayed in two areas:


Photographs depicting popular outdoor activities during the beginning of the last century can be seen amidst hedges and shrubs in the vegetable garden.


Along the open grasslands, a second series of photographs brings to mind the ritual of the good old-fashioned walk.


Lartigue never actually visited Trevarez, but such a place is reminiscent of the kinds of high-society vacation spots he was accustomed to.


The exhibit is held from April to October 12th, 2014.




Outdoor exhibit of twenty-one large-format photographs.

Château of Trévarez in Brittany near Quimper, 29520 Saint-Goazec (Finistère)





Exposition présentée du 29 mars au 12 octobre 2014

Domaine de Trévarez

29520 Saint-Goazec (Finistère)

Tél. 02 98 26 82 79