Lartigue at the Epoch Art Museum in Wenzhou, China

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From October 1st to October 30, 2015, this exhibition, curated by Duan Yuting and Martine d’Astier, presents 52 images chosen from the 135 original, large-format, 52-x-36 cm albums by Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894-1986).

Born in 1984 into a wealthy family of the Parisian bourgeoisie, Lartigue enjoyed a carefree existence from childhood. He never went to school, never served in the army or in the war, and was never tied down by professional obligations.


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In this exhibition, his work is re-examined by focusing on two of the artist’s favorite themes: air and water. Lartigue’s zest for life is obvious, expressed both by images of calm and contemplation, and by the giddiness that comes from speed, whether flying or diving.

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Here, one discovers a world seen through Lartigue’s optimistic eye, a world filled with joy. His photographs represent a thorough narrative of his life: games, family outings, friends’ portraits, sporting and social events…


The book Jacques Henri Lartigue, une vie sans ombre, part of the Découvertes collection published by Gallimard, has now been published in Chinese by China Photographic Publishing House.




Exposition présentée du 1 au 30 octobre 2015

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