Chic, le sport ! at the Institut Lumière, Lyon



From January 13 to March 13, 2016, the Photo-Cinema Gallery at the Institut Lumière in Lyon presents the exhibition “Chic, le sport!,” a selection of photographs on Lartigue’s “sporting life.” The exhibition is both an homage to Lartigue, a keen sportsman whose unposed photographs capture the joyous exuberance of such amateur sports as racing, skiing, tennis, gymnastics, hang gliding; and a precious historic catalogue of the paraphernalia and clothing associated with these sports in the early twentieth century. Lartigue is an absolute master at conveying the dynamism of the human body at play–the peculiar shapes of its contortions, and the gestures that can express anything from easy nonchalance to fierce focus.


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The exhibition is inspired by the book « Jacques Henri Lartigue: A Sporting Life » which resulted from the collaboration between the Donation Jacques Henri Lartigue, and Actes Sud publications and Hermès, which, in 2013, chose the theme of sports as an inspiration for its collections.

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Exposition présentée du 13 janvier au 13 mars 2016

Galerie Photo-Cinéma de l’Institut Lumière

25 Rue du 1er Film

69008 Lyon

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