Lartigue curated by novelist William Boyd

From June 8th to August 9th, the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London presents “The Blink of an Eye,” revealing Lartigue’s world through the eyes of British author William Boyd, a fervent admirer of Lartigue and author of “An English in the Tropics” or “The Many Lives of Amory Clay” (a dazzling portrait of a photographer). Fascinated by Lartigue’s “snapshot aesthetic,” in curating the show, Boyd studied more than 100,000 images in the Lartigue archives before selecting the 45 works on display. He brought together classic Lartigue images (Bibi, Rene or Florette, sun-drenched holidays on the French Riviera)… and rarely seen known images. “Lartigue is such a giant of photography that it’s almost impossible to imagine the photographic landscape of the twentieth century without him,” said Boyd in an interview in “The Guardian.” “My theory of photography advocates that the snapshot is the beating heart, the quintessence of the art form. The thing that only photography can do.”






Exposition présentée du 8 juin au 9 août 2016

Galerie Michael Hoppen

3 Jubilee Pl

London SW3 3TD


Tél. +44 20 7352 3649