The Art of Love

Le Palais Lumière in Evian presents an exhibition about artistic expressions of love, how it appears and how it evolves. Romain Gary once said : “Love is like going on an adventure without a map or a compass, only caution will get you lost.” True to these words, the exhibition presents a bold selection of more than 350 paintings, drawings, illustrations, letters, photographs and videos.

Seven of JH Lartigue’s photographs and several diary excerpts help illustrate the idea of intimacy in a couple, one of the eight themes of the exhibition. Although intimacy is a common theme nowadays, Lartigue made it a part of his work very early on. He consistently documented his love life and hence his albums contain photographs of different women, each one corresponding to a specific time in his life. He was intent on producing a glorified rendition of each subject and her personality. However, he tried to be more objective in his diary in which he expressed his inner emotions and reflexions on love, whether they were regarding the first spark or a feeling of disenchantment.

“L’art d’aimer, de la séduction à la volupté”… Art, love, seduction, sensuality: four words that could easily sum up Lartigue and his work.






Expositon présentée jusqu’au 23 septembre 2012

Palais Lumière

Rue du Port

74500 Evian

Tél. 04 50 83 15 90

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