Exhibitions in France

Tennis on the front lines, 1914-1918

In 2006, the French Tennis Foundation and the Donation Lartigue organized an exhibit of Lartigue’s sports photographs entitled “L’art du fugitive – tennis et mouvement 1905 -1929.” Eight years later, as part of commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the First World War, the FFT presents “Lignes de Front – le tennis en 14-18,” an exhibition paying […]

Exhibitions in France

The belle époque

The Trévarez estate was built at the end of the nineteenth century by James de Kejégu, a rich heir of Breton nobility. This fascinating Neogothic-style château is surrounded by sumptuous botanical gardens in which numerous events take place all year. Paths meander through hundred-year old rhododendrons and camelias for visitors to behold.   After last […]

Exhibitions abroad

Shoji Ueda and Lartigue

    Ueda and Lartique shared a lifelong delight in the essence of amateur photography and the sheer joy of taking photographs. Their works transcend differences between Japanese and French culture and pose the same question: What, after all, is the human significance of photography? This exhibition is more than a retrospective devoted to the […]


Pictures of intimacy

On the back of page 18 in his album from 1903, Lartigue noted a stunning discovery. Having experimented with his first camera, which required a great deal of light and therefore necessitated a long exposure time, he writes in the caption: “Robert, Zissou, Louis… and I, sitting in front of them while the lens is […]


The summer of 1913

To mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, Télérama magazine published a series of special issues that plunge readers into the heart of 1913, reporting on what the French population experienced during the carefree period just before Europe encountered the barbarity of  war. Each week during the summer of 2013, Télérama […]


A Sporting Life

For the fourth year in a row, Hermès has chosen a theme to inspire its collection and events. This year”s theme is “A Sporting Life.” This volume was co-published by the Donation Jacques Henri Lartigue, Actes Sud Publisher and Hermès. Photographs selected from Lartigue’s prolific body of work capture both the joyous exuberance of amateur […]

Exhibitions in France

La Gacilly Photo Festival (France)

  This photo festival has been held for the past 10 years. For this edition, Robert Delpire chose one of his personal favorites: « …When it comes to Jacques Henri Lartigue, yes, it was love at first sight. That’s exactly what it was. Love at first sight for a photographer of happiness. For Jacques, who […]

Exhibitions in France


  From childhood on, Lartigue was an aviation enthusiast. Inspired by the staggering progress in the field in the early 20th century, Gabriel Voisin managed to fly for 25 meters in 1904 in Merlimont. Jacques and his brother Zissou witnessed this feat, and both went on to have similar experiences, each in his own way. […]


Air and Water

In this book, the first to be published on Lartigue in Portuguese, the photographer’s work is re-examined through two of the artist’s favourite themes: air and water. Lartigue’s zest for life is clearly expressed in images of flying or diving that range from calm and contemplative to giddy with speed. Since it was donated to the French […]


Escales autour du monde

Petit fils de Louis Vuitton, Gaston-Louis, né en 1883, aurait pu, au hasard d’un voyage dans nos frontières, croiser la silhouette gracile de Jacques Henri Lartigue. Tous deux amateurs d’ailleurs, Gaston Louis Vuitton franchit aisément les frontières tandis que Lartigue se plaît à sillonner les routes françaises, à l’aube des premières automobiles. De ses échappées […]